This is an important project of social relevance. The Foundation brings the power of music to three penitentiaries in Milan, offering collective music and piano classes. In particular, A.C. Monzino Foundation started the collaboration with the Bollate house of reclusion in 2010 setting up a Music Room in the seventh men’s Department. Since 2011 the Foundation has been organizing regular piano lessons for prisoners. The lessons are once a week collectively. Carlo, one of the “students” said: “Music is a way to get out of a difficult life and get into a reality that makes you feel better. Feeling a pleasant sound come out by your hands is a sort of satisfaction reserved for a few people and so we don’t understand the reason why it is not possible to bring in each prison activities that let you improve yourself” Also you might have the possibility to share with other members your own experience.

Music in Prison is an activity included in the big project “Save the Music” in which the Foundation has put its effort over the last 20 years, realizing the donation of many musical instruments across Italy prisons and other Institution. The lessons will be held by composer and musicians. The concert will be set at “La Scala Theatre”, at “The Pirelli Hangar Bicocca” and at the “Auditorium” in Milan.