What we do

cosafacciamo2The aims of the Foundation, according to the purposes set forth by the By-laws, are to safeguard the antique instruments of the Collection’s heritage, passed down by forefathers, making it available to the general public.

“…To pass on to the young generations what the human brain, together with learning and knowledge, could create throughout centuries…”

For the purposes of organising and managing initiatives aimed at promoting music culture and education by:

  • Spreading music as a fundamental component in the cultural education of individuals from the education of young people.
    Musical practice unites the positive values of life, is an antidote for violence, prevents environmental trouble, teaches how to measure ourselves with others by rehearsing together thus by dimensioning our own ego.
  • Promoting the scientific research which has proven how musical practice – by creating permanent neurological connections – activates the brain functions governing logic, order and abstract reasoning. The latter function is fundamental to develop the creativity from which the capacity to innovate derives and, therefore, allows our young people to be leading actors of their own social integration.