Who we are

chisiamo_photoThe Monzino House has been manufacturing and distributing musical instruments since 1750.

This long tradition has always made the five Monzino Siblings (VII Generation) aware of the strong responsibility of making available to the community the experience, skills and culture acquired by the Family within the musical field to the present day.

The above took shape on 10 June 1999 by setting up the “Antonio Carlo Monzino Foundation”, formerly De Musica Fondazione Antonio Monzino.

On that occasion, Antonio Monzino VI donated a private collection of 79 antique musical instruments from the end of the seventeenth century until 1930 to the Municipal Museum of Musical Instruments in the Sforza Castle in Milan, in order to give everybody and, in particular, young generations, the opportunity to admire what the human brain can make.

The deed was formalised on 9 February 2000.

This was the first step to pass on the inspiring principles of the Family and of the Foundation itself: to spread music learning, from childhood, as an invaluable educational component of our education given the role that music language knowledge can have within the educational and social field.

These beliefs are backed by scientific research on the correlation between “Music and Brain” and “Music and Wellbeing”, where music has a positive and invaluable role in developing the neurological connections of brain activities involving the individual at an emotional level. Music helps to re-emerge other information, stimulating the healthy parts of the brain; that is why it is called “the archaeology of knowledge” and that is why it recovers the memory’s thread through the emotional path.

As Antonio VII states…”We work with the awareness of tradition, believing in the Family, in the Group’s entrepreneurial activities and in the values which accompany the path, but with a glance towards the future, firmly believing that promoting knowledge, learning and, moreover, savoir faire, referring to musical practice in the education of young people, is of the essence to build a new Country…”.